If you are looking for a reliable social and networking club especially established for managers and directors of oil companies and associated supply and service companies, then the Oil Industries Club is the place for you. We extend a very warm welcome to everyone associated with the Oil and Gas industry all over the UK willing to be a part of this prestigious club. We have nearly a century of industry presence and have adapted our profile to meet today’s members expectations and demands.

We offer memberships at the most competitive prices and our members, with their guests, can attend events throughout the year. Currently, we have some 300 members who are associated with the oil industry and allied companies and we welcome new applicants. Golf Society membership, for which a separate annual subscription is levied, is open to members of the Club.

If you would like to apply for membership please complete the form as follows:


The Oil Industries Club is a Limited Company by Guarantee
Please return to the address below, along with your Annual Subscription payment of £35 using one of the following methods:

1) Cheque payable to ‘The Oil Industries Club Ltd’, for £

2) Bank transfer to Account No. 00613191 Sort Code 12-01-03, for £

3) On-line to Account No. 00613191 Sort Code 12-01-03, for £

Return to the Membership Secretary, Rod Benzie ( ) via the SEND button