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The Energy Transition in the Defence Domain: Fast Follower to First Mover”


Squadron Leader Greg Curtis MSc RAF,

Affiliates Liaison | Air Fuels & Sustainable Energy Association

Location. Lady Violet Room, National Liberal Club, 1 Whitehall Pl, London SW1A 2HE.


Summary of Presentation


The Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the single Services have set themselves a significant challenge in achieving their sustainability and emission targets. For many years the MOD has branded itself a Fast Follower for technology and services adoption, however waiting for proven options to become available from the private sector for use in the military domain has considerably restrained the Energy transition across all 3 services. Squadron Leader Greg Curtis MSc RAF, Affiliates’ Liaison for the Air Fuels and Sustainable Energy Association, explores the organisational and cultural changes being introduced to accelerate the MOD’s evolution to a First Mover, an entity that engages faster, approves readily, and drives the nation’s military estates and assets towards Net Zero with more assurance.

Squadron Leader Greg Curtis currently works within the UK Joint Force Air Component as the lead for all Logistic and Engineering support and planning output and is the current Affiliates’ Network Liaison of the MOD’s Air Fuels and Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA), having recently handed over the Chair. Greg is a Fuel and Energy specialist within Royal Air Force; he’s served in operations and exercises from Western Europe to the Arabian Peninsula. In support of energy operations in the UK and overseas. He was integral to the early work of the MOD’s energy transition having overseen the SAF trials in RAF aircraft and ground support vehicles. Greg He holds a Masters in Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management and in his spare time pulls for the UK Armed Forces Tug of War team.



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1845 Introductions

1850 Speaker: Squadron Leader Greg Curtis MSc RAF

“The Energy Transition in the Defence Domain: Fast Follower to First Mover”

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2000 Summary and closing remarks

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National Liberal Club, 1 Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HE